Meet Gunner Griffith

Gunner was born June 2, 2009 in Oregon. He was bred by Bonnie Wittrock of Wittrock Dobermans.  His official registered name is: Wittrock’s Last Gunzzzzzlinger Star Puppy, CGC, RE,BN,CD. All of the letters following his name, beginning with Star Puppy, are called titles and they have been earned in shows.  “Gunner” is his “call name” or the name we use for him. Rosalie Alvarez has been training Fran, (aka Mrs. Griffith) and Gunner since he arrived in California at 8 weeks of age.  For the first 3 years training was 3 times a week.  After that once a week.

The costumes that Gunner wears in pictures are a result of Fran dressing him since he was 8 weeks old.  People have enjoyed the pictures so much that she just keeps on dressing him.

Gunner demonstrating how to brush and floss your teeth.